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Isabel Cortina Alegre
Isabel Cortina Alegre


The Cuban School of Ballet in Hamilton emerged in 2009 from collaboration between the Prima Ballerina Assoluta Alicia Alonso and Belma Gurdil-Diamante, CEO of Canadian Ballet Youth Ensemble, to build a world - class school that provides exceptional and innovative training in the Cuban technique in Canada. The Cuban style of ballet follows the classical Russian system with a unique expressive flare that stems from Latin- American cultural roots.

As an affiliate of the National Ballet of Cuba (BNC) Ms. Alonso the Artistic Director, hand selected the resident ballet Instructor for the School providing an opportunity for committed students, with a passion for classical ballet, to train on a professional level.

The Cuban School of Ballet offers a complete program for aspiring male and female dancers; both Youth & Adults, including Ballet, Pointe, Repertory and Methodology. Each class is taught by Ms. Isabel Cortina Alegre, a professional Ballet Master Instructor from National Ballet of Cuba. The Conditioning classes and nutritional assessments are done by Chad Marcotte, Personal Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Coach.

Our program includes 2 annual student evaluations, an end of the year Recital and 1 professional production with the National Ballet of Cuba "Nutcracker". The regular yearly dance season begins September-June. However enrolment can take place anytime during the year. Interested students need to attend an evaluation class to determinate the appropriate ballet level they are to enroll in..

Isabel Beatriz Cortina AlegreIsabel Beatriz Cortina Alegre
Ms. Alegre has been hand selected by Alicia Alonso, Artistic Director of the National Ballet of Cuba, to be the resident Ballet Master for the Hamilton Cuban School of Ballet since 2009. She is a graduate of the Havana Elementary School of Ballet "Alejo Carpenter" the National Ballet School "ENA" and the Higher Art Institute "ISA" (Ballet Specialty).

Since 1998 she has been a Ballet Instructor at the National Ballet of Cuba Special Training/Education Department, including teaching — professional dancer vocational programs and foreign student workshops. Ms. Alegre has also taught at the "Kulturama School of Arts" in Stockholm, Sweden and at the "State Council School of Arts" in Mexico.

Jose Angel Carret Jose Angel Carret
Jose Angel Carret is founder and Artistic Director of Danza Corpus from Matanzas, Cuba. Jose has an extensive teaching and coaching experience with several Dance Schools in Cuba and has been commissioned to choreograph special solos for advanced students of the National Ballet School of Cuba and for International Ballet Competitions. He has worked with many well-known choreographers such as Narciso Medina and Ramiro Guerra.

In 2007, José toured Canada as guess dancer with Decidedly Jazz Dance Works, from Calgary, AB, in their production of "Bulla". In 2009 he choreographed "Dimension Cubana "and premiered at Lula Lounge, Toronto. In 2010 he danced and created: "Cuban Collage" (Toronto). Since then he has participated as guest dancer in The Newton Moraes Dance Company, Akawaba in Toronto (2009-2010), Erie Music Festival of Toronto (2010). In the Afro-Caribbean Dance Group (2012) and in the International Conference of Blacks in Dance, Toronto (2012). Guest choreographer for Ballet Jorgen' Solos and Duets season 2011-12.

Presently José is a free- lance dancer, teacher and choreographer. Awarded by the Ontario Arts Council the Aboriginal and Culturally Diverse Training grant last December 2014. Since last year he was invited to join The Cuban School of Ballet as the Contemporary Dance teacher

Chad MarcotteChad Marcotte
Mr. Marcotte is a Personal Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Coach Specialty in strength and sports nutrition. He is a 13 year veteran of personal training and nutritional, owner of Body by Chad, Lean body Training and Consulting.

Chad is graduated of Univ. of Western in Kinesiology. He also has degrees in Nutrition and Physiotherapy from Mohawk College. Chad has since been a Personal Trainer at Gold´s Gym Toronto, Goodlife Burlington and International Family Fitness.

Belma Gurdil–DiamanteBelma Gurdil–Diamante CEO of Canadian Ballet Youth Ensemble
Ms. Gurdil-Diamante won the 2009 Arts and Entertainment Ambassador Award. In January of the same year she signed a working agreement establishing the Cuban School of Ballet in Hamilton affiliate of the National Ballet of Cuba. She wants Hamilton to have the opportunity to see, study and develop with the best in the world.

"Signing that agreement was truly a momentous event for us"

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